Age: 32
Height: 172cm / 5’8”

Born in the capital, Azeria was part of a very wealthy and known family in the area. Her childhood was strict, with lots of rules and responsabilities. She had to study a lot and learn many disciplines, also to develop her talents which ended up to be… none, really. She is good at doing many things but doesn’t stand out for anything in particular.

Azeria was Elena’s mentee. After her mentor’s presumed death, Azeria kept her word and visited Elena’s house to keep an eye on her young daughter, Ella, to educate her and be as a big sister figure to the girl.


Proud and mostly serious but deep inside she’s just a child. She is amused very easily but tries to hide it. This is due to the way she was strictly educated by her family, being part of a high social class Azeria was taught that a lady must behave that way and not reaction to idiotic jokes, considered by them as “garbage jokes”.

Being with Shanters, however, is quite a challenge and it’s impossible to hold back her real personality. Probably that’s why she left home and prefers to be with him.


Azeria liked Shanters from a few years back but she was always too proud to say a word, and in fact, everytime he would try to get her attention she would act like she didn’t notice, but deep inside she just wanted him to say hello. Her friends were also high class fancy girls and of course they would make fun of anyone from a lower status than them, another reason why she kept certain distance for a few years.

Finally it was impossible to hold back any longer. She realized he would never take that step if she acts so cold and neither if she was still being friends with those horrible girls. First she dumped her friends and then she started following him around, reading books close to where he was training and being near, just giving him an easier chance to talk to her.

She was 17 when Shanters finally decided to talk to her and ask her out.