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If you’re here it’s probably because you’re interested in getting a story in Princess Bunny Universe and would like to know how to get one and what’s the cost of it. Right?


The cost for getting a story in Princess Bunny Universe is 30% per page from the original prices you can check here and you have quite a lot of freedom to create the story as you wish. Of course, there are things that might not be possible or I do not accept, continue reading to learn about that as well.


The story happens in a fantasy world so pretty much everything is possible. You can create your own cities and places, characters, clans, whatever you need. There are a few rules but I belive is you’ve read most of the comics, you should get an idea of how it goes.


  • One of my characters must have important roles in the story even though they’re not the main characters.
  • SFW and NSFW are allowed. Still, your character is still the main character of the story!
  • Not accepted: torture, gore, rape,kill, vore… any scenario like these or similars.
  • Story must be between 5 and 30 pages. (Cover illustration is included in the price and doesn’t count as a page)


The time I will need to deliver the complete project will depend on the payment. If I get full payment in a month, the story will be delivered in a month. If the payment is split in two months, I will take two months to complete the project.

Payment can be split in:

  • 5-10 pages: 2 months
  • 10-20 pages: 3 months
  • 20-30 pages: 5 months

Please contact me for more information!