This world was initially created by 3 gods, each one of them having a different task:

  • Lumaesh: Creating the lands, water, vegetation. A place where life would be possible.
  • Saramoh: Creating the species.
  • Emanogh: Creating emotions, languages and the minds.

Things worked out pretty well for quite a while. The gods were just observing how their creations were behaving, evolving to a point where they wanted more. They wanted power and to dominate others.

The superior species started to fight against each other in order to prove to the gods who is the best and gain their blessings. Of course… there was no way the gods could choose only one from their creations since they loved all the same, so they decided to split their souls and bless everyone creating a new god to represent each species from their own souls.

These gods were initially known by everyone and very easy to find but as time passed, they started to hide their identities in order to avoid having people all the time asking for… selfish favors, most of the time. Being a god on the ground was no longer a blessing since it only incentivated wars even more.

Gods change bodies once the soul carrier perishes, so it’s even harder to keep track of the next random chosen soul.


Samorans pray to one god at this day. The one of their species. There are shrines build on the paths and villages in each territory, and bigger sanctuaries in the cities. Of course, they hope the gods will eventually answer someday, but chances are slim.