Age: 21
Height: 128cm / 4’2”

Ella was born in the peaceful era after a great war when Elena, her mother, could finally settle and put her duties as a mage aside, dedicating her life to her kids and the house. Peace.

Sadly, only 5 years after Ella’s birth, Elena was gone, leaving the governor alone in charge of the two kids, Ella and her brother Liam who is 8 years older than her.

Peace was still around for many years and Haru joining the family really helped to keep Ella entertained without completely losing her mind.

Eventually, the calm times started to vanish and it was said that Ella had to travel to look for a precious treasure that her mother hid somewhere. Every now and then, strangers would try to get into the mansion thinking that Elena might have left the key and the treasure map around there… But they aren’t, so Ella’s first mission is to finds those things before someone else.


Hyperactive, positive, impulsive. Ella can’t stay still and gets easily distracted by pretty much anything. Cheerful, extremely optimistic and with very big dreams that she has no intention to give up on.

Other details

  • She is vegan and addicted to carrots. Her companions must always be careful because she can’t stop eating carrots even though she is aware that so much sugar can be bad for her health.
  • She hates reading because it has to be done by staying still and quiet for a while. Challenging.
  • She sleeps very few hours, only when it’s totally dark outside.
  • Ella tries to learn many things. Anything! She is not good at any but that won’t stop her from learning new stuff.


There isn’t much romance in her life. When Haru started living at the mansion, they became best friends and it kind of evolved into some sort of romantic relationship. They started exploring each other and it seems like they are a couple but… are they, really?

Ella has no interest romantically in settling down so even though she wants to protect Haru and make her happy, she has no intention to marry her and give her what she needs.

There is no other love interest in her life at the moment, but maybe during her journey… Things might change?