It's a project that was born in december 2018. At first it was going to be a comic about a bunny princess wishing to go for adventures. She was sweet and shy but also a little crazy!

The concept changed through time and Ella, the bunny girl, is not a princess. She is just the daughter of the governor of some small islands. Ella is actually encouraged to go out and live adventures to become more mature since she's quite childish for her age and she really needs the world to teach her what life is really about.

The title of the comic is still Princess Bunny because she will be called "princess" many times by many characters just to annoy her, so eventually she keeps that title and gets to be known as the Adventurer Princess Bunny.

This story doesn't have a lineal story. I just draw random episodes, short stories, short adventures with different characters. Sometimes only original characters and other times with guests.

You can become a canon character with the Patreon tier Storyteller that is limited to 3 supporters at a time and it costs 100€ per month. Through this tier you will get a colored comic page per month from a story you may decide and write within Princess Bunny Universe.

Another way is through raffles. Sometimes I open raffles to celebrate goals and the prizes might be short stories in Princess Bunny Universe.

The last way you can do this is by YCH auctions I do from time to time, quite rarely, though.

Oh! Thank you for helping with this project's growth!

You can support us monthly on Patreon starting at 1€ per month up to 100€ per month and you can cancel your subscription anytime! By supporting us you will get access to storyboards, scripts for next comic pages, early access to finished pages and more.

Another way to support is by directly sending donations through PayPal !

You can contact me through email at love@bun-bun.art.