Age: 23
Height: 135cm / 4’5”

Haru lived in the same island where Ella’s mansion was, but during an attack, she lost her parents and was rescued by Ella’s brother, Liam, and their father. Then taken to the mansion to live with them.

Haru was old enough to realize that she had to repay them for the protection and having a roof over her head, so she started working there as a maid, taking her job seriously. Maybe because she thought it was the right thing to do, or because she needed to focus on something, to feel busy enough so her head wouldn’t take her back to the horrible disaster when she lost her family and home.


Haru had a childhood trauma so she gets scared very easily. She is quite paranoid about suspicious movements and is also afraid of meeting new people thinking they might harm her. Her guard is pretty much aways up and in tension.

Agesivity, even yelling or a loud noise, makes her jump and hiss, and maybe even cry if it’s too much.

Besides from that, in a normal routine when none of those things happen, she is sweet and fun, easy to make her laugh. She is caring and loves hugs from people she feels comfortable with, like Ella (or Liam, if he would ever try).

Other details

  • She is used to the food she ate at the mansion so mostly vegan dishes, but as soon as she gets out from there she goes back to her original carnivore diet.
  • She hates canines, from dogs to wolves or any other. She finds them irritating, annoying because of their overly friendly attitude. Haru thinks they are overreacting or faking just to be liked by many people.


Haru’s first love wwas Liam. It happened when he saved her from a certain death. Since then, she always shared a thought for him but never considered taking a step towards him since he seemed to be very unreachable, important person and also… always away from home. 

Slowly, Haru started to fall in love with Ella but… did she, really? It is a fact that after Ella leaves the mansion, Haru has many different romantic encounters with men, so probably she only thought Ella was the love of her life because, well, she was the only friend she had for many years.