Story talks about how long long time ago the species of the world fought against each other to prove to the gods who was the best of all and get their blessing: magic powers so they could rule the world.

The gods couldn’t come up with a single choice. Some species were indeed the strongest. Others were smarter than the rest. Some would stand out due to their kindness and goodness within them. So they made a choice: a god or goddess would be chosen to represent each species. They were all given lands to rule and so they could work together using their strenghts to create an amazing world instead of only the chosen species.

Things didn’t go as expected. Pride hit most of them and they decided to build walls around their territories to keep everyone away. War was… paused, but far from being over.

Some species, like canines and rodents didn’t shut their doors at all. They wanted to be friends with everyone and belived that keeping the gates open and welcoming them to their homes, would make the cold world a better place. Felines, on the other hand, did build their walls but not because of hate, but because they just wanted to be left alone in peace. Still, it was possible to cross their gates if you gained the trust of one of them. Lizards and equidae families kept their gates open but they were always very cautious with the new visitors. The avians kept the highest territories to keep everyone away but wouldn’t deny a visitor crossing by to use one of their inns. Still, eyes were open wide.

What about the rest of the species? Well, most of them are on the other side of the big walls which separate the well known territories from the unknown. Some would say that they are corrupted and are the wrost version of the species that are well known and commom. Other say they are stronger, better in any way. But there are also species that we only heard about in stories or rumors.

Groups of explorers were formed trying to figure out what is happening on the other side. Only the strongest mages and warriors were part of these teams and one of their first jobs was to find all the gods and goddesses and ask them for blessing. A special magic power that will protect them on their journey. This still isn’t at this day an easy task because nobody knows who the chosen ones are, but you can find them if they want to be found by you.

One of the explorers team managed to get all the blessings and so they could walk through the unknown side of the territory. What they found there was never told. All that is known is that some of them returned after a few years, closed the door and hid the key, map and other possessions that contained information about those cursed lands for good.

“Peace”, if it can be called that, started again after those events. The exploration has stopped and everyone wanted to find out what happened there and where the key and map were hidden so they could open the gate one more time to learn what is happening in those mysterious and unknown lands.

Curious facts:

  • There are very limited amount of species in the well known lands of Samora.
  • The unknown lands are called Akumora by the Samorians, but the real name of these lands is not yet revealed in the story.
  • The species living on the other side of the gate are known by the “common ones” only by stories. But not all of them. Common species also live there!
  • The walls were lifted many, many centuries ago and the explorers were initially just groups of warriors trying to defeat them, but through time as rumors changed, history got confused… these groups evolved to simply explorers. This is an important step towards peace. At least, an attempt.
  • Everyone got scared since the most powerful group of explorers actually “failed” on the mission and returned. Nobody dared to try again until they’d find the documentation hidden to know what they were facing out there.