Age: 29
Height: 164cm / 5’5”

Liam was born not long after his parents were married but his childhood was not the most joyful. War and many problems were taking place around the world and his mother was still a powerful and important mage, mostly busy until he turned 8 and things gone calmer. That was the moment when his mother “left her job” and decided to stay home with the kids. Yes, right after the victory and peaceful times arrived, Elena got pregnant again with a girl: Ella.

For a few more years things were perfect, but not long after… Elena was gone.

War and drama started again and Liam decided to leave the island and train as a knight to protect what was left of his family: his father and sister being the reason at first… but when he met Haru he got even more serious about it.

Ella doesn’t get to spend much time with her brother anymore and their relationship starts to get sour. She blames him for many things and for all the “difficult times” she’s been through and he wasn’t even there. He still protects his sister by not telling her how difficult has he and their parents had it, so she won’t feel bad or… attacked? The war was not between them, so if she wanted to blame him, he was fine with it but he had a goal to meet. Sadly, her little drama was not as important as the things going on in the world.

Before Ella is about to leave the mansion, Liam is called back home to take his father’s place as a governor. Now trained and more than ready and capable to be a leader.

Other details

  • He is vegan but has a strange obsession with trying out milk although for one reason or another, he never gets to!


Proud and flirtatious. Liam is very sure about himself and his abilities, sometimes… maybe a little too much (Almost like his sister, Ella!). He appears to be irritating with his head up always showing confidence, but he’s actually quite insecure about being in charge or a leader in case he might screw things up. Too much risk being responsible for so many people’s lives.

Liam is also very romantic when it comes to girls, he shows them all kind of romantic gestures, gifts, sweet talk and being patient, but the truth is, he gets tired of girls as soon as the relationship gets serious.

This mostly happens when he’s away from home, training, and the reason might be that he is afraid of settling down with a girl knowing that they might not have a peaceful and sweet life, so training is more important to him for the moment.


While he was away at the capital training to become a knight, Liam had a crazy amount of girlfriends that not even he can remember and it’s pretty possible that he might mix up their names or fail to remember who they are, getting him into a little trouble with girls quite often.

His first love was Haru from the moment he met her when Liam and his father saved the feline from a possible death during an attack on her village. Haru lost her parents and was brought to the mansion under the governor’s protection. Since then, Liam’s thoughts would always go back to the cat but sadly he never confessed his love to her. Will he try again one he returns home to stay?