Nicolas was born in the city of Sol, a city / state that flourished at the time of the great war and still holds some power

Having a great desire for adventure and the unknown made him a difficult child to control and made his father, the king, let him be part of different expeditions.

It was in one of them where he met who would become one of his best friends Shanters

Other details

– He loves the taste of meat, specially fish
– Just like every Solian he belives in meritocracy
– He wont care if you insult him but will do if you insult his friends or his homeland


He always shows himself as someone without worries, you could even say that he looks like just a child but if you pay attention you can see how he is always attentive to any detail or danger around him.
Sometimes he is too stubborn so he rarely gives up and always tries to improve his strengths as well as weaknesses.