Age: 33
Height: 196cm / 6’5”


A little dumb sometimes, terrible at reading and following maps and he’s quite naive. Shanters trusts people too much and gets easily fooled. He also has a hard time understanding sarcasm.

Many times he is so determined to help anyone that he might even get annoying for the other person thinking maybe he wants something in exchange or to prove that he is best, but reality is very, very far from that: Shanters is just that genuinely good in heart.


He met Azeria at 16 years old and took him around 2 years to get to talk to her thanks to his friend Nicolas who pushed him to do it. Azeria also liked him so as soon as he approached her, they became the most perfect couple in town. 

To this date they are still together and even though they have certain differences, they have no problem in maintaining their relationship fired up.

Other info

  • Lost his sense of smell, and with that, he can’t really feel different tastes either. He has trouble to say the difference between different tastes.
  • His ability to find his way around houses and cities is… null. Very poor.