In this Universe there are no humans. All you can find are animal creatures in their anthro (superior) and feral (inferior) version. The feral versions are considered inferior because they got stuck during the evolution process, while some of them managed to stand up, other didn’t. Still, anthro kind will treat them with respect and understand their limits.

Example: They can have horses for riding or pulling of a carriage because they are still stronger than an anthro feline, but you will rarely see a wolf riding a horse.


Anthro species can turn to their original form if they possess magic powers only. This can be achieved either by being born with it or getting an artifact with magic powers. This requires a licence and its magic is temporary so it needs to be recharged.


In Samora, the well known common lands, you can find all the common species in the world both in anthro and feral versions.

Consider all the species we are familiar with in our world (human world).

In Akumora, it is said that there are all these species but stronger, faster, smarter. But besides all those, there are other kinds of creatures and species that samorians only hear about in stories and rumors: unicorns, centaurs, dragons, mermaids and other aquatic species… and other mythical mixes between species.



Most of the common species in Samora are getting along pretty well and are all collaborating to get to the other side. Even though some species like the felines and avians who for different reasons tend to keep the distance, they still all have the same goal.

However, there are groups out there who don’t want to share victory and discovery so they work alone. These are dangerous so they will try to rip off information from anyone who isn’t from their clan.