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These prices might change depending on the complexity of the character's design, if it's very detailed such as complex fur design and patterns and/or other elements, backgrounds, accessories, outfits and more.
Take these prices as a mere reference.

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Price will vary depending on the complexity of the piece. Details will be discussed privately while talking about your project!
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Reference Sheet


Comic pages

What I draw and don't

★Monster girls
★Height difference
★Toys play
★Tentacles, monster... (inside my comfort zone)
★MxM, FxF, MxF
★Up to triple penetration

MAYBE★Complex things like
armor and weapons.
★Complex backgrounds.
★Robots and tech.
★Furry x non-furry
★Feral x non-furry

NO★Underage NSFW
★Anything related to scat, urine, dipaers.
★Oversized genitals.
★Gore, blood stuff
★Rape and those extremes
★Insects (sorry, entomophobia)

This list is subject to change and might also be incomplete. If you have any questions please ask me directly!

Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT! These terms are focused on particular clients, either for personal use or commercial in small amount, but might not apply for publishers and other commercial work.
If you’re a business and are looking for a big project, we shall discuss the terms in private and write a contract.

WIPs and reviews

  • I will share wip for sketch and lineart phases. For YCHs I don’t share any WIPs unless you ask me to.

  • I'm not setting a limited amount of reviews pero piece or per stage as I'll expect you to be reasonable about it. Either way, it's my right to stop you about changes if I see any sort of abuse.

  • Please take in account that you may not ask for sketch changes in ink phase, ink changes on color phase, neither sketch changes on color phase. These late changes will be charged extra!


  • You’ll get your piece during the time we've decided after discussing all the details.

  • I start working after part of the payment or full payment was made. (Depending on agreement)

  • You can get your commission sooner by paying an extra fee depending on the rush. This fee will depend on the rush.

  • These terms are just orientative and might change depending on what we personally negociate. We can re-adapt the terms to your particular needs.


I don't start working until I recieve the payment or partial payment upfront.

  • Ko-Fi: I prefer the card option to reduce the fee I get charged.

  • PayPal: I prefer not using this method due tot he high fees, but it's still an option if you can't do it any other way.

  • Stripe: My favourite type. You don't need any app or account, you get a paywall like when you purchase anything online! This payment is made with card.


  • The commissioned art is for personal use unless you have asked for commercial permission and paid an extra fee.

  • You can resell the art I created for you to someone else, but not through merch to get benefit from it. In this case it’s considered commercial work so you must pay the extra fee.

  • Credits are not needed but are very much appreciated <3

  • I have the right to use the art for my portfolio unless you specifically ask me to keep it private.

Cancel and Refund

  • You can ask for a 100% refund in the next 7 days after the payment if the commission wasn’t started.

  • If you want to cancel the commission once it’s already started, you will get a 50% refund.

  • You cannot cancel the commission if the lineart is already done. 0% refund in this case.

These rules are subject to change and adapted.
Last update 28 February 2024.


Contact me about commissions, work and/or collaborations inquiries or any question related to my artwork.You can either use the form below or send me an email at



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