Please read my terms and conditions before ordering a commission!

If you’re interested in getting an illustration (or more) from me, please send me an email with your name and what type of commission you are looking for (comic, illustration etc). Please be as descriptive as you can with what you’re looking for so I can have the best understanding of how I can help you.

*Please clarify if this will be for commercial or personal use as well.

I will answer as soon as possible and we will talk further about your commission!


Patreon VIP and higher tiers get 15% discount.

Supporter tiers and higher get 30% discount if the commission includes Princess Bunny characters!

Discounts are not accumulative! You may only get one of them per illustration.


I charge in EUR and the price will be negotiated on a per piece basis. You can contact me at and we will discuss about it.


Starting at 120€ for a character and no background (or a gradient BG).

Basic prices:
-Per character: 120€ If character is the same size/importance/relevance as the main character.
Smaller characters or in the BG will count as extra details for the BG instead if couting as extra characters
– Gradient BG: 0€
– Simple BG: 40€
– Medium detailed BG: 80€
– Detailed BG: 120€

These prices might increase based on the complexity of the characters, background and the overall piece’s complexity if it’s something more complex than you can find in my gallery and examples.

Extra characters in the background count as background details so it adds complexity to the BG. See examples:


Around 100€ (BW) and 180€ (Colored), price will might be aletered depending on the complexity of the characters ,amount of characters, complexity of scenes and backgrounds. Below you can find some exmples.

-> Longer projects (more than 5 pages) will include a cover for free.

-> If your comic is with Princess Bunny character (as main or secondary, not BG charcters) you will get a special price.


Starting at 120€ for a front (nsfw/sfw versions included) + colors + text. Extra views (side, back) and extra clothes and other details will be charged extra.

Aproximated prices per extra elements:

– Front (nude SFW and NSFW if you want) + colors scheme + text: 120€
– Back view: 80€
– Each set of clothes: 20€ (40€ if back view as well)
– Each extra hairstyle: 14€ (30€ is back view as well)
– Other: we will negociate on extra details.

These prices might increase depending on the complexity of the characters, clothes and overall details.