Please read my terms and conditions before ordering a commission! Also read my Do/Don’t lists!

How to order a commission?

Contact me through either of these mediums:

  • Email:

The information I need from you will be:

  • What kind of commission you’re looking for: Illustrations, sketched, shaded, colors, comic page, reference sheet. Check below to see all the types.
  • How many characters are there in the commission. Send me their references.
  • Background information.
  • Any other details that are important for me to know?

Information that I don’t get will be assumed that is irrelevant and I’ll take creative freedom for it. Of course we will discuss further about the commission aside from the initial information to make sure it’s all clear, and you can ask for minor changes during sketch phase.

*Please clarify if this will be for commercial or personal use. Commercial use art will be charged with an extra fee that we will discuss privately depending on what it will be used for.

I will answer as soon as possible and we will talk further about your commission!


  • You get 15% discount if you’re a supporter on Patreon. (Noble tier or higher)
  • You get 30% off if your commission includes any of my characters. My characters must be at least secondary characters, not valid if they’re only background characters.

Doesn’t accumulate to other discounts. Only one discount applied to each commission.



I don’t do characters with too many colors and stripes, patterns or tattoos on their bodies. Might consider for an ilustration maybe, but it’s a no no for comic pages.

I also don’t do overly complex background or illustrations focused on backgrounds more than characters.

Check here for more Do/Don’t.

Price per character. Background not included.
Sketch shaded
Cel shading
Just sketched illustration. Could have some grey tones to it. The sketch is still somewhat pretty clean though!A sketch colored in B/W hues.Clean lineart, cared for details. The coloring is clean as well.
PORTRAIT: Headshot, bust up.
MEDIUM: Above hips.
FULL: To thighs, knees or feet.


Note that I don’t do more complex backgrounds than what you can find in my galleries. I also don’t do illustrations that are more focused on background rather than characters.


Front (nude)200€
Back (nude)100€
Prices for outfit and details may vary depending on complexity.


  • Max 6 panels per page (more can be discussed)
  • One establishing shot per page OR one fullbody character panel per page.
  • Max. 3 main character per comic page. (BG characters count as BG)
  • Not allowed to have multiple charactres interacting in all panels. In one per page is alright.
  • I don’t do comics with characters that are too complex either in armor or body patterns/stripes/tattoos.
  • Remember this is a comic, don’t expect super detailed work as if each panel was an illustration! If you need the characters detailed, I’d charge you the prices per illustration instead of per comic page.
Inked B/WShaded B/WINKED
Price per page.
IMPORTANT: Comic pages artwork will not be as detailed as an illustration quality!