Quick Terms and Conditions

  • These commissions are for personal use only. For commercial use, contact me!
  • I always send a WIP of the sketch phase. If you want more WIPs just let me know!
  • I have up to 30 days to finish your art unless we agree on a different deadline.
  • 100% payment upfront if below 200€. You can opt for payment plan for higher prices.
  • No refunds, unless I decide to not continue with your commission.
  • I have all the right to refuse your commission. Please don’t take it personal! I only accept what I’m most motivated and in the mood to draw.

If you have any other question feel free to ask me at

You may choose between these special offers:

20% off on any commission.


Commissions including my characters cost: Free for illustrations and 30% off for comic pages. Only applies if my characters aren’t background characters but relevant to the piece.


Character | 160€
Extra char | +80€

Up to 3 characters per piece. A simple background is included in the price. Some alternative versions also inclused (clothes on/off, sfw/nsfw, depending on what we agree)

Extra details and final costs will be discussed privately and might vary depending on the overall piece’s complexity.


Basic | 180€
Includes: Nude front view,color palette, N/SFW versions.

Extras details and costs will be discussed privately. Price will increase as extra elements are added to the design.


B/W | 140€
Colored | 200€

Prices might increase depending on characters, backgrounds and overall page’s complexity.

Keep in mind that comic pages art isn’t as detailed as an illustration is and the characters might be simplified, same as the overall shading and details.



★Human or similars (like fantasy elves and other)
★Monster girls (including kemonomimis)
★Height difference
★Toys play
★Tentacles, monster… (inside my comfort zone)
★MxM, FxF, MxF
★Up to triple penetration


★Feral characters
★Complex things like armor and weapons.
★Complex backgrounds.
★Robots and tech.
★Furry x non-furry
★Feral x non-furry


★Underage NSFW
★Anything related to scat, urine, dipaers
★Oversized genitals
★Gore, blood stuff
★Rape and those extremes
★Insects (sorry, entomophobia)