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Romance, Erotic, Students/Teachers, Age Gap, Taboo Relationships

Twisted relationships and confusing feelings, is it love, is it lust or just friendship? The struggles of the romantic life around the University Campus.

RELEASE: First Saturday each month

Touch Of Healing

Furry/Anthro, Romance, Erotic, Aphrodisiac

Lianna is a shaman who lives in the depths of the ocean where she’s quite lonely most of the time, which gives her plenty of time to work on her potions and magic spells. What sort of experiments are those?

RELEASE: First Friday of each month

Serendipity Inn

Erotic, Kinky, Fantasy, Monster Girls, Anthro

In the depths of the forest lucky travelers might bump into the Serendipity Inn to recover their strength while all of their needs are very well taken care of by the gorgeous Inn’s diverse staff.

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