Thank you

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who has been supporting me and my projects, I truly appreciate most of you still being here pretty much since I created my first account at Furaffinity.

I had so many ups and downs with my projects. Changing my mind, abandoning, starting again the same projects, trying and trying. Creating new ones… and somehow, thanks to all of you being here despite my constant falls, I managed to actually finish quite a few comics, even if short, some longer than others but I definitely call it progress. I went from being unable to finish anything, to actually now having lots of one shots done and, of course, very motivated to create even more!

Now, I know my page changed quite a lot maybe and I’m no longer focused only on furry stuff, but this doesn’t mean I’m no longer creating it! I just enjoy to explore more and not close myself into one thing. So, sometimes there will be furry projects, sometimes not, and sometimes maybe even a mix. There’s so much I’d like to still explore!

Thanks to you I also lost fear of drawing what I enjoy. I used to be afraid of being judged for creating NSFW content, erotic comics and art, some lewder than other, some more kinky than other. I was afraid publishers and potential clients would ban me. But I learned something else: those are more likely not the ones I want to publish my work for, or work with!

With this said… I hope you’ll stick around for a little longer, or maybe see you back someday later, as I’m not stopping creating comics for you to read!

With Love,