Fleur – The clumsy housekeeper

Fleur was hired by a Master Wizard to keep an eye on the house chores so he and his apprentice could dedicate their full attention to some important studies. However, the girl doesn’t work around unnoticed as her clumsiness distracts them more than expected and yet they still won’t lift their heads from the books.

From her perspective it was easy to notice how frustrated both men were and she thought they actually needed some distraction and… some fun. Will they manage to get their studies done with such a lewd clumsy girl around the house who tries to distract them on purpose?

Hey guys! So here I am getting things ready for this one shot about my clumsy and lewd girl Fleur!
How did I create her? One day I just had a very random idea for an RP that went in the lines: Your own apprentice! But be honest…you didn’t hire her for her skills!

Initially her backstory was more sad and dramatic, she had no job, no home and gained her plate of food and a bed to sleep on in exchange of sex since doing any possible job only lead to causing trouble due to her clumsy nature. She actually enjoyed the sex even though sometimes it was kind of abusive and rough. It wasn’t until much later when she found out sex could be romantic, sweet and gentle from one of her latest employers.

However, as I was roleplaying with her new ideas were formed and now her story is less dramatic, but not less spicy!

So for this one shot, it’s going to be 36 pages long, full color and featuring two new characters I’ll create inspired on an RP I was playing with a friend.

This story will be pitched to a publisher here in Spain that’s fully dedicated to adult graphic novels. I showed my portfolio to the art director at a manga convention and he liked my work so he asked me to send them a pitch for a new story. Although I’m not depending on this to truly happen, I’m still excited that successful publishers actually notice my work and want to publish me! Even if they do publish it, I think it will be fine to post it for Patreon supporters in english since they’d publish it only in spanish. But… we’ll see what happens!

In the meantime, while all that will be figured out I’ll share the Serendipity Inn‘s first chapter that I’m planning to start releasing In July! Fleur, in fact, is from the same universe as the Inn, so we might see her around there sometime as well.

With Love,